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Astronaut Mike Foreman

Space shuttle astronaut Mike Foreman describes his experiences in space.

Apollo XIII Flight Director Glynn Lunney Talks About Leadership

Apollo XIII Flight Director Glynn Lunney discussed leadership among other topics covered in his book "Highways into Space" at the Friendswood Public Library.

Apollo 11 Flight Control & Recovery

Flight Control & Recovery workers for the Apollo 11 program discuss the process of controlling and recovering rockets.


Ask an Astronaut

Veteran Astronauts Jerry Ross, Bill McArthur, and Mike Foreman answer questions on their experiences in space. Children's Art contest winners were also acknowledged by the Mayor prior to the event.

The Space Suit

When President Kennedy decreed that the United States would land astronauts on the moon by the end of the decade (1969), a major development was the Space Suit that would be required for the astronauts to walk on the moon where no atmosphere exists.…


Origins of NASA Beginning with NACA, Langley, and the Canadians

This panel discussion covers:Creation of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) in 1917 to compete in aviation technologies during WWI and later in WWII. The "Man-in-Space" project, conceived by a small team at the Langley Research…

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Wives of Apollo 11 Support Team Panel

In this panel discussion, Apollo 11 wives speak about why they chose Friendswood to live and raise their families, and how the community welcomed them with kindness and hospitality. The wives in turn contributed to Friendswood in many ways, from…

1950's Research

Covers only. The rest of each item can be found at Friendswood Public Library.


Women's Home Demonstration Club 1934 Yearbook

A typed record of activities of the Women's Home Demonstration Club for 1934 donated by Friendswood Historical Society

Hadley General Merchandise Grocery Account

Hadley General Merchandise Grocery Account.pdf
Hadley's General Merchandise Grocery Account for a number of community members donated by Friendswood Historical Society